A Guide To Men’s Shoe Colour Combinations

If it’s true that a man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up, then it’s their shade that first colours someone’s judgement. Footwear, like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid recently – these days you can wear Oxfords with jeans and trainers with a suit. But the key to pulling either off is […]

AVI-8 Releases Affordable Limited-Edition Watches To Celebrate The RAF

The RAF is the world’s oldest independent air force; when it was formed on 1 April 1918 it was also the most powerful. Commanding at its peak a formidable 20,000 aircraft and 300,000 personnel, it has been the backbone of British military strategy in every theatre of modern warfare. It’s no wonder the Royal Air […]

Introducing The Brand Fusing Timeless Menswear With Futuristic Details

For its spring/summer 2018 collection, the company sought to advance its signature of contemporary clothing, injecting natural materials like cotton, linen and lightweight tweeds with next-level details such as crease-resistant fibres, rubberised buttons and coated zips. The new collection applies this modern design philosophy to wearable pieces like soft-collared shirts and textural knits, flanked by […]

How To Choose The Right Fragrance For The Occasion

99% of the time they make a good first impression, every time. You choose the right shoes for the occasion. The right outfit. Even the right hairstyle. So why should your fragrance be selected with anything less than the same diligence? Gone are the days when a single bottle was all you needed. Nowadays a […]

31 Budget Spring Menswear Pieces Worth Buying

There’s a famous saying about the weather in spring: if you don’t like it, just wait five minutes. Of course, while it’s nice to know that a mere 300 seconds after being drenched by a monsoon you’ll be dried off by Sub-Saharan sunshine, it’s a less than ideal situation to dress for. Which makes getting […]

How To Mix & Match Patterns Like A Pro

Of all the tenets of dressing well, ‘do not clash patterns’ seems like one that should always hold water. Deliberately playing around with prints and patterns is to design an outfit that looks like it shouldn’t go together. How could that be stylish? Even the most rebellious of subcultures throughout history were loath to mix […]

7 Men’s Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Work (But Do)

The fashion industry can seem like the upshot of a bet between designers to see who can be most contrary. (How else are they going to get you to buy something new every six months?) Then there’s the 20-year trend-rehashing rule, which dictates that the statute of limitations on even the most grievous style crimes is at […]

The Complete Guide To Monk Strap Shoes

In the heritage-obsessed world of menswear, to refer to an item of dress as ‘classic’ before at least 20 years has passed since the first bloke plucked up enough courage to wear it out in public is to risk being stripped of your cufflinks and escorted off Savile Row. However, when the monk strap shoe […]

Common Mistakes Nearly All Men Make With Their Bags

Like a cigarette burn on your knit or a toothpaste stain on your black jeans, a misjudged move with your bag is enough to bring your sartorial efforts crumbling down. Most of us (in fact, a quarter of men according to fashion analysts at Mintel) now understand that carrying a bag isn’t emasculating. With everything […]

The Barbershop Guide To Getting The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

We’re going to assume that you’ve heard of the mohawk, that pointy, green thing that lived on the heads of punk rockers and which has also been co-opted in other forms by men as diverse as Travis Bickle, Mr T and David Beckham. It’s a strong look. You may not, however, be as confident identifying […]


ICONIC AMERICAN LIFESTYLE BRAND AND RETAILER BRINGS ITS VISION OF ELEGANT INNOVATION TO THE LUXURY LONDON DEPARTMENT STORE   Cole Haan has today unveiled its latest UK opening in premium London department store, Harrods. The move follows successful 2017 openings in department stores nationwide. Cole Haan celebrates the opening of its new area in Harrods with […]

The Key Denim Trends We’re Backing For 2018

There will always be style purists who say that dark, unsullied denim (preferably selvedge) is the only kind worth investing in for versatility and longevity. And while we agree, to an extent, denim has moved on a lot since tailor Jacob W. Davis and dry-goods salesman Levi Strauss patented the rivet in 1873. The 20th […]


MENSWEAR ACCESSORIES CAN TRANSFORM ANY ENSEMBLE FOR THE BETTER The day is all about the bride, that’s a given, but that leaves no excuse for the groom to make his way to the altar in sub-standard attire. With the bride having undergone hours in hair and make-up to look her best for the photos, the […]

How To Wear Streetwear Like A Grown-Up

Streetwear is a strange and complex beast. On the one hand, it’s disposable, obnoxious and often unflattering. On the other, Supreme – the skate brand that James Jebbia launched in the nineties – is now a billion-dollar behemoth. It collaborates with Louis Vuitton and, if you believe the rumour mill, even has a link-up with […]

21 Trend-Proof Style Staples To Buy In Time For Spring

Most of us like to think we’ve got this getting dressed thing sussed. We’ve read the runway reports, swotted up on key fashion trends and even coughed up for a Cuban collar or two. Surely that’s enough to be inducted into club menswear? Not quite. Given that a look is only as good as its weakest link, […]

SIHH 2018 Laurent Ferrier Galet Annual Calendar School Piece and Galet Micro-Rotor

The new Laurent Ferrier Galet Annual Calendar School Piece follows Master Watchmaker Ferrier’s personal horological journey, while the Galet Micro-Rotor expresses his eye for elegant, deceptively simple details Making a graduation watch is a rite of passage for many watchmakers. Typically, apprentice watchmakers are given a Unitas calibre and then a short brief to make […]

The Rules For Matching Your Trainers To Your Outfit

It seems unbelievable that trainers were once only appropriate for gym-goers, shoplifters and rappers with enough swag to pull off full streetwear looks all day, every day. Right now, though, the sneaker market is booming. The relaxing of dress codes means you can wear your kicks to almost any occasion – and who doesn’t love […]

FALL 2018 MENSWEAR Joseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud staged his dressy Fall show at the Hotel Wolcott on New York’s 31st Street this evening. The designer, in a green room where he was taking interviews, mentioned that it was the setting of Mayor LaGuardia’s inauguration ball in 1934. Andthat it was the place where survivors of the Titanic shipwreck stayed, when they […]

FALL 2018 MENSWEAR Death To Tennis

Expect the unexpected. That was the pre-show atmosphere at Death to Tennis, already a curious name. Backstage, designers Vincent Oshin and William Watson spoke cryptically of a “style war” they were about to launch. So when, at show’s start, one front-rower lit up and filled the room with a certain unmistakable scent, the rest of […]

FALL 2018 MENSWEAR Deveaux

Tommy Ton has spent the past decade of his life outside runway shows, taking street style photos, first for Style.com and later for top fashion brands. His stamp of approval has turned It girls (and not a few It boys) into influencers with super-lucrative collaboration deals. Now he’s turning the tables, but not with one […]

Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Preview

Trends are misunderstood. Stop most men in the street and they’ll tell you they don’t follow fashion trends, but look inside their wardrobes and hanging alongside the timeless classics you’ll see ripped jeans, seventies knitwear, Cuban collar shirts… and those are just the trends he still likes. Sure, there’s a lot of 50/50 fashion out there (pyjamas […]

Fall 2018 MenswearOvadia & Sons

In one of their strongest collections to date, Ariel and Shimon Ovadia delivered a polished ode to a particular slice of rock ’n’ roll at the intersection of punk and country. And, once again, the brothers infused the collection with elements of their own story, providing a unique spin on these tried-and-true themes. It was […]

6 Ways To Look Good In Corduroy

You probably don’t need us to point out that we live in strange and confusing times. At the exact same moment that the remains of the knuckle-dragging, sex-pest attitudes of the seventies are (thankfully) public enemy number one, in the menswear world if it’s got a whiff of the brown and orange decade, it’s hot property. For […]

10 of Kim Jones’s Most Memorable Moments at Louis Vuitton

Kim Jones is addicted to travel. His departure from Louis Vuitton to pastures new was always going to happen. His professional destination—the subject of much rumor—remains a secret for now, but it’s not quite wheels-up yet. Jones will present his 14th and final show for the house tomorrow in what will be a celebratory farewell. […]

The Best New Menswear Pieces To Buy Right Now

Reigning Champ Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt What is it they say, lads? ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’? Show the other gym bunnies who’s boss this January with this tee from sportswear brand Reigning Champ that does all the talking, no matter the actual firepower of your guns. BUY NOW: £60.00 Lab Series Max LS Power […]

8 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For {Year}

With a seemingly never-ending drip of new-ins and new-outs, it can be hard on both your wallet and your wardrobe to constantly play catch-up with the latest menswear collections. Luckily, this season sees some of 2017’s biggest trends spill over into 2018. So as well as breaking down what you should be holding on to […]

British fashion: the reality style you need for your wardrobe

It’s a particularly British trait to think of pragmatism and practicality over all. That stiff upper lip might be on the wane (a good thing, if you ask me) but it’s stout British grit that’s seen the country through its darkest hours, and, in a very different manner, informs the decision of a kid from Clapton […]